Tips and Hacks for Beginner Hikers

Hiking is really just going for a walk on a trail but there are some variables that need consideration. Hiking can be so rewarding. Getting to spend time in nature is very beneficial for our physical and mental health. Being able to take in scenic views, experience the quiet of the forest and breathe in fresh mountain air is so wonderful. For the most part it’s free.


Here are a few things to consider when going for a hike that will help you to have an enjoyable time:

  1. Weather. The weather is always a variable that needs close attention especially in the mountains. Look at forecasts when planning to go hiking. A good app for this is Open Summit. Do not venture out if you risk being caught in a storm.
  2. Even planning around weather may not be enough so be prepared! Bring layers of clothing and wet weather gear in case you get surprised. You’ll need something to carry those layers in so get a good comfortable day pack that has an adjustable suspension.
  3. Have good trail shoes that are comfortable!
  4. Bring food and water. Most packs have a built in water resevoir that make taking a sip easy while you are walking. Stay hydrated! Having some high calorie snacks will keep your energy up.
  5. Be aware of the altitude. If you are coming from sea level to the high peaks of Colorado, pick a hike at a lower elevation until your body has a chance to acclimate.
  6. If you are in bear country, bring along some bear spray and know how to use it. Read up on bear behavior and how to respond to an encounter.
  7. Know where you are going. Carry a topo map and a compass with you and know how to read it or download one of the many trail apps that work on GPS. Just keep in mind, if your phone dies you’ll have no map.
  8. If you are new to an area, go with a friend or a guide.

I hope this helps to get out in nature and enjoy doing so!

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