We now have a brand new accomodation!

We now have a brand new accomodation!

We have been renting out our Winnebago View now for two years with great success. There is a limit though, as  it is not possible to use the motor home past October as temperatures over night start to freeze, sometimes hard, which can damage the water systems. The motor home just doesn’t have the insulation to stay warm enough when it’s in the teens at night.

We have been wanting to build a cottage since acquiring our property so that we would have a guest house for guests in the winter when its a great time of year to visit and take advantage of the world class skiing just up the road from us at Telliuride. We went through several ideas and designs only to be hampered by supply shortages and extreme inflation on the cost of building.

We had identified a company to build a tiny home for us. Unfortunately after putting a substantial deposit down they filed for Chapter 11. Needless to say this was a big hit for us. After weighing the options we determined the fastest path to recovering our loss was to build our own design.

I am a retired contractor so the skills were there and we would have the freedom to create exactly what we wanted and build it with the highest level of craftsmanship.

We begun the middle of July and have just completed and furnished it. Please take a look at it in our accommodations. It is available now!

We will have another post soon giving details on the process and specifications of the tiny home build. Stay tuned.