Tiny Home Check-in Instructions

We look forward to hosting you in a few days. We will most likely be onsite when you arrive but in the case we let you know that we will not be here, please read the following check-in instructions.

Overhead view of the property details to help you find your way to the tiny home.
Follow the access road off highway 145.
Proceed to the gate on the right. Its the first house you’ll see.
Stop and enter your access code at the keypad. See below.
Follow driveway around the back of the house to the tiny home, just past the shed on the right.
Turn right and park in front.

The approach to the property gate. If after dark, the lights on top of the posts will be lit.

We have an access gate to our property. We will provide a gate code you can use to open the gate if we are not going to be there to let you in. The code will be the four digit date of your check in ( month/day). For single digit days enter a zero before the day’s date. To open the gate, press the numbers for your code into the key pad located on the fence to the left of the gate, then press SEND.

If you found the gate closed please close it using the gate clicker you’ll find on the table in the motor home. You’ll need to walk over to the corner of the house where you can see the gate to use the clicker. You are free to use the clicker to come and go from the property. Please remember to leave it on the counter when you check out.
Please note that if we are here when you checkin we will not program a gate code for you as you’ll have the gate remote. Also in winter once the snow is on the ground, we leave the gate open.

For your stay access to the tiny home will be with the Yale combination lock. The combination will be the four digit date (month/day) of your check in day.
to unlock press the ‘yale’ button at the top, then press your code followed by the check symbol in the lower right. To lock the door when you go out just press the ‘Yale’ button and the deadbolt will be thrown.

That’s it! There is a manual in the open shelf under the stairs with everything you need to known to have a comfortable stay. If you have any questions at all please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you out.